Frequently Asked Questions about the HIVAMAT 200 System

What is the HIVAMAT 200 System?
The HIVAMAT is Deep Oscillation Therapy that uses an electro-static current to treat swelling, relieve soft tissue pain, assist with detoxification, and help injuries and surgical wounds to heal faster. Developed in 1973 at a clinic in Germany, it is FDA approved German engineering at it’s finest.

How does the HIVAMAT 200 System work?
The electro-static current gently pulls and pushes the tissues under the therapists hands up and down creating a sensation of vibration. Skin, muscle, blood vessels, and connective tissue are all effected in a positive way to help injuries recover faster. A treatment consists of the therapist connecting an electronic lead to themselves and the patient. Vinyl gloves are worn by the therapist so that the circuit created is not completed and the “push pull” effect happens. The patient experiences no discomfort because gentle pressure is used to maintain the effect of Deep Oscillation Therapy.

How does the HIVAMAT 200 System treat swelling?
The Deep Oscillation Therapy pulsations enhance the movement of lymph. This decongests the tissue and reduces swelling in the region being treated. The HIVAMAT is very beneficial for the relief of Lymphedema when combined with Manual Lymphatic Drainage performed by a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.

How does the HIVAMAT 200 System assist with detoxification?
The HIVAMAT can be used along with the manual techniques performed in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. This enhances the movement of lymph which moves metabolic waste quicker through the system and also produces lymphocytes to improve the immune system.

How does the HIVAMAT 200 System improve injury recovery time and relieve muscle and joint pain?
The HIVAMAT assists with three key factors: it helps bring more blood to the area providing oxygen and nutrients, it breaks up fibrous tissue to provide pliability and reduce pain from movement, and it helps move metabolic waste out of the injured area. These factors combined help speed up the recovery process and the healing time.

How does the HIVAMAT 200 System help pulmonary issues?
The HIVAMAT is essential for moving fluid from the lungs helping respiratory conditions including bronchitis. It also helps relieve congestion making it useful for sinus infections.

How does the HIVAMAT 200 System help to heal surgical wounds?
The HIVAMAT assists with moving exudate, which is pus, away from the wound. It also removes necrotic tissue and brings oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissues to speed up recovery. The inflammation is calmed down, the swelling is relieved, fluid is moved away from the wound allowing it to heal faster.

Is the HIVAMAT 200 System safe to use after plastic surgery procedures?
The HIVAMAT is FDA approved, safe and effective to use 24 hours post surgical. It relieves swelling that will put pressure on incisions that could possibly increase scaring and assists in the removal of bruising in the area. Swelling and infection can have a significant effect on incisions. The HIVAMAT will ensure proper after care to maintain the improvements you desire. It is also beneficial to use before surgery to prepare the area by removing metabolic waste and increasing lymphocytes to boost immunity in the area.

How does the HIVAMAT 200 System minimize the appearance of cellulite?
The HIVAMAT positively influences blood and lymph flow increasing nutrition and removing toxins
from the area. It also breaks up fibrous formations called septae which are responsible for anchoring the connective tissue to the muscle. These fibrous bands create fat chambers where the fat pushes up and the bands pull down causing the dimpled appearance. The HIVAMAT breaks down these fibrous bands and encourages greater elasticity to reduce “orange peel”. Inflammation causing edema is relieved leaving a smooth appearance.

What conditions would prevent use of the HIVAMAT 200 System?
Over all the HIVAMAT is FDA approved and safe and effective for many uses. A few conditions would prevent use. Those are: pregnancy, blood clots, heart conditions including a pacemaker, and active tumors.

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