HIVAMAT 200 Deep Oscillation System

The HIVAMAT 200 is a Deep Oscillation System using an electro-static current to successfully treat various ailments. The concept for this machine was developed by German doctors Johannes Asdonk and Krystyna Barteczko in 1963. In 1973 a team lead by Hans Seidi developed the HIVAMAT 200 System and began using it at the Luitpoid Clinic in Germany.The word HIVAMAT is an acronym meaning Histoligical Variable Manual Technique. Now FDA approved and used world wide, this medical device is German engineering at its finest.

Conditions treated with the HIVAMAT include:
* Swelling including Lymphedema
* Assisting with detoxification while receiving Manual Lymphatic Drainage
* Strains/Sprains
* Relief from pain of the Musculoskeletal System
* Pain after muscle exertion
* Ruptures of tendons and ligaments
* Surgical wounds (as soon as 24 hours post surgical)
* After plastic surgery procedures (even on the face)
* Many forms of arthritis
* Respiratory issues (i.e. Bronchitis)
* Sinus infections
* Burns and scalds
* Minimize the appearance of cellulite

The procedure is performed connecting both therapist and patient to the device using electrodes. By doing this a strong pulsating electric field is formed between the therapist’s hands and the patient’s body. The HIVAMAT enhances the manual techniques used by the therapist by moving fluid including lymph to promote healing to the tissues.

Treatment is effective and painless because the electric current allows the therapist to use gentle pressure. Over all, the HIVAMAT 200 treats swelling, relieves soft tissue pain, and helps injuries to recover faster.

Link to YouTube Video

Link to Moscow Medical Center Central Hospital use of HIVAMAT

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